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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Feel the pain!

Well, my ills still haven't improved for the past few days and I'm still having difficulty breathing due to all the haze in the air. I couldn't even go out with Trish last night like we usually do or tonight even for that matter.
On her advice however, we went to get a body-heat releasing back rub. Luckilly for me I have an almost masochistic feel for pain so it didn't hurt so much, except for when they were dredging the back of my neck! Felt like they were raking the skin off with a steel comb or something! With that out of the way, now I gotta suffer through one night with no air-conditioning or fans blowing me so the heat can be released. I also can't shower for at least 10-hrs! But whats a guy to do?


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