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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bangin' da Drums!

Yesterday I was finally well enough to go to work, and decided to go out with Trish after since we hadn't seen much of each other last week due to my poor health. I also had to go switch the Tekken 5 game I bought the other day cause there was a problem with the disc I had.
Anyways, while waiting for Trish to get off work, I decided to kill time a bit at the arcades at Boulevard Shopping Complex. And what should I see when I get there? Low and behold, they had that Japanese drum game that my buddy TenzanTeam2K was an ace at in KL! I also noticed no one else was playing it, so naturally, I popped my token in and played a few games. I think I did pretty well my first time around, and accidentally stumbled on to the ever annoying Samurai X theme, and I aced it on the first try! I'm gonna work my way up the ranks till I master that game and can ace the Stalker Ishikawa theme in the game like my buddy has.


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