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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Robotic Fun

Yesterday while waiting for Trish to get off work I hit the arcade at Boulevard to play that Japanese drum game. I seem to be getting pretty good at it as I can play the later levels, but still on normal difficulty setting. It's fun performing for a crowd too :)
After I fetched Trish, we went to Bintang Plaza and had a simple chicken rice dinner since the both of us are swearing off fast food 'till we're both 100% healthy. Those fried, heatty foods and carbonated drinks don't help much, so we're gonna cut down and see what happens.
So after dinner, we went to the Star Cineplex and caught the new 3D animated movie Robots. From the same people who made Ice Age, this was a really fun movie about a world of robots, though I'll forgive the obvious holes in the story like created them in the first place. Anyways, the story is really good and has alot of hilarious moments to it given that one of the voices is Robin Williams. The big robot battle at the end was a ton of fun too, so I highly recommend checking this one out!

Check out the rest of the blog. I finally put up a new puroresu tape review, a new video game review and a music video review. More to come as usual.


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