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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Not as in Amish Roadkill's catchphrase. But some bizzare Chinese remedy Trish talked my mom into giving me for my incredibly annoying headache. It basiacally involved boiling black chicken feathers, then rubbing my body down with it, before rubbing off the access with a special cloth which is supposed to catch whatever is causing the headache and my excessive body heat. So far my headache has lightened up a bit, and should be clear after a second scrub down tomorrow morning.
And right now I've officially broken my record for the most sick-days off work ever.

TV Talk
Last night caught some good TV on ASTRO. First was the Amazing Race 7, where ex-Survivor winners Amber & Rob are still leading the pack. Of course if you didn't know, there are rumours circulating that the game has been rigged to keep the duo in the game to keep the shows ratings up, and judging from all the coincidences last night and acts of dumb luck, I might also have to agree.

CSI was also really good last night as they continued a story from one of the past seasons when a serial killer that got away made a return, specifically to challenge Grissom and the gang to try and catch him! It was really the most interesting episode I've seen so far this season, and the ending was also once of the best ever as (SPOILER ALERT) Grissom once again lost to the psycho when he killed himself inside the police station bathroom! I love it when they make episodes like these!

CSI was then followed by the season finale of Third Watch, which was also really good as it closed the season on a cliffhanger of the city rioting due to a power outage. You also just knew when they said the city was waiting for someone to screw things up and start getting people to riot that that dumbass Bosco would be the trigger of trouble! Also showed how much the younger guys need to listen to the veterans since they called everything that would happen right down the middle when the youngsters wouldn't listen. Great show and can't wait for the next season.

Last night was also the debut of TNA Impact! on TV8, but I couldn't watch it since they aired it at 11:45pm! That's worse then Smackdown on TV3. Why the heck they would put it on at such a time in the middle of the week is beyond me. And of course I wouldn't be surprised if the ratings for the show sucked.


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