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Monday, April 04, 2005

Long Week

Well, it's been a long week and I finally got around to updating the main blog.
On Saturday me and Trish went to watch this horror movie calle Eye 10, which basically about a bunch of teens who push their luck when they tried out the 10 ways to see ghosts. Of course things go bad for them in the end. I thought it was ok, but didn't like how the movie would jump from serious to funny out of the blue at times.
Anyways, for the fun of it, I thought I'd list down those 10 ways to see ghosts. Try them at your own risk!
1. Ouja Board - Basic way to communicate with spirits
2. Open an Umbrella indoors
3. Forbidden Shade - Open an Umbrella upside down
4. Midnight Dinner Call - Set up a meal at a cross road, and bang on the bowls with chopsticks and ghosts will come for the food.
5. Comb your hair in front of a mirror at midnight and the ghost you want to see will appear before you.
6. Rub your eyes with grease of a corpse
7. Peek 'N' Stoop - Bend over and look through your legs
8. Not sure what this one called, But involves playing hide 'n' seek at midnight, with the person being "it" searching out their friend's while carrying a black cat.
9. Near Death Experiance - Sleep in used burial clothes.
10. I actually forgot this one. But I note it down later if I remember.


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