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Saturday, April 09, 2005

An Unforunate Movie

Last night me and Trish went to watch Leminy Snickett's A Series of Unfortunate Events at the Star Cineplex. It was an OK movie, but if I were gonna split it into 4 chapters, then the last chapter was downright BORING. I was just expecting so much better than how it turned out in the end after the first 3 parts were interesting to say the least. Basically this was one of those movies where kids are made out to look smart and grown-ups were made to look like ignorant idiots.
Prior to that, me and Trish bumped into Janice, a friend of ours back from our college days and her boyfriend, both of them I used to work with at the Miri Marriott Resort when it used to be known as the RIHGA Royal Hotel. Can't remember the guy's name though, even though I was the one that trained him XP

On Thursday I watched the first episode of Lost on AXN that really caught my interest, as the story finally seems to be unravelling a bit with the backgrounds of the characters being revealed as time goes by, as well as the mysteries of the island everyone is stranded on. Can't wait to see what happens next week!
I also caught my first full episode of The Contender, and what I saw was really disgusting as this idiot took the cheap way out by breaking a deal he made with his team mates and challenged the weakest member of the oppossing team, and of course he beat him with ease. It's bad enough he stabbed his team mates in the back to the point that they don't trust him anymore and want him out, but the idiot actually used his kids as an excuse as to why he did it. He might be showing his kids he's a good fighter by not dissapointing them by not losing a fight, but when the kids get older they'll just realize what a cheap-ass backstabber their father was. As one of the other fighters pointed out to Sylvestor Stallone at the end of the show, that guy was indeed the first fighter in the contest to take the cheap way out to advance. I think I'll start watching this show more regularly from here on out.

On to the blog business. I've posted a review for the PS2 Rumble Fish game. I originally did a review for Tekken 5 yesterday, but the Streamyx connection has been horrible these few days and when I click the post button, I got a windows internet error message and my entire review was lost! Serves myself right for not saving it first before posting it. I'll try to type it up and post it again in the next few days if I'm up to it.
I also received my first batch of DVDs from IVPVideos yesterday, which was really quick! Only about 3 weeks I believe. I'll also be updating my VCD site soon, hopefully later today, with a ton of new shows and will be turning the site into DVD only format soon also. So keep your eyes on the site for the changes!


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