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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was Trish's birthday, but we celebrated it early on Friday since she was working the evening shift at the pharmacy. I had to rush home after work at 5PM cause I had to wash my car in addition to getting ready for my night out with Trish. Funny thing, while I was washing down my car, my crazy dog Geanie was jumping around yapping at the car and water. Funny thing about that mutt is she hates being wahsed, but doesn't seem to have a problem playing in water. Anyways, after washing the car, I took a shower then rushed again to fetch Trish who finished work at 6PM. I sent her home first so she could shower and I picked her up from her place at about 7PM and we made a quick stop at Bintang Plaza to buy cineplex tickets for later.

So after we bought our tickets, we went for dinner at the Hot Spot. I've always wanted to try the Chicken Cordon Blue there, so what better time than now? We both enjoyed out meals, though I felt the Chicken Cordon Blue could have been more filling. We then made our way back to Bintang Plaza to watch Samara, the American sequel to The Ring. It was a pretty good horror movie, with some scary moments, but I don't think there was much to shout about in this one.
After the movie, I sent Trish home and wished her a happy birthday of course. We couldn't stay out too long because we were both pretty tired due to our work day, but we would continue celebrating her birthday on the following.

And speaking of work, it's amazing how low some people's business politics are. On Thursday our company sent a group of TIG welders to Brunei to undergo a Welders Test to see if they were competant to work for our client company on their project. Wouldn't you know our competitor would pull a low blow by informing the Immigration Dept that our men were there working without a visa?!? Our boys ended up getting arrested and spending several hours in the big house cause of that, and representatives from our company, our client and Brunei Shell had to go to the police station in Brunei to straighten things out that they were there strictly to take a test and not actually working. It's amazing the lows some people would take to get back at their competitors when they lost out to us in getting the contract.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. We continued celebrating Trish's birthday last night when I picked her up from work when she was done, and then we went to the Miri Marriott Resort to pick up something to eat from the bistro, since everything from the bakery was 50% off after 8.30PM! We bought some chicken pies and a root beer and then I sent her home, but not before I surprised her with a birthday card and a rose! She really loved them and of couse she thanked me with a big kiss. Life is good.


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