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Sunday, May 08, 2005


After a hard week at work, finally got to rest up a bit these few days. Me & Trish skipped our usual Friday night movie and went window shopping instead. At least it would have been window shopping if Trish didn't buy clothes that were on sale at Parkson. I usually wouldn't complain about her buying habits, but she left her purse at home so I had to foot the bill for her. At least she paid me back when we got back to her place.
Saturday I lazed at home all day playing Haunting Ground on PS2. I picked Trish up at work that night also and we went to McDonalds for supper. I had the new chicken foldover sandwich, and it's really big and worth the price. It's definately alot better than the curry chicken KFC is offering at the moment. For some reason, every other recipe KFC has tried for it's chicken still pales in comparison to the original Hot & Spicy recipe.
Another lazy day today, but I have managed to post a puroresu show review for your reading pleasure. I'm working on more reviews to post this month since I'm finally getting around to watching them. Enjoy.


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