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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Me and Trish went to watch the Vin Diesel action/comedy movie, The Pacifier. It was a fun movie to watch with some funny spots of course, but I coulnd't help but notice Diesel's weakness in the "acting" department. It just didn't sound natural most of the time when he spoke, but it was still a fun movie worth checking out.

Yesterday was a bit of a hectic day as I dashed to every money changer in town looking for money changers with US dollars to use to make my next puroresu order for May, but NONE of them had 1 dolla' billz. I even went to the Miri Marriott Resort where I used to work to see if any of the bell hops had any tips from guests, but that turned up a blank too. Luckilly I was able to finally find it today, so my orders should be ready to go out on Tuesday since it's a holiday tomorrow.
I hate to admit it, but I'm actually backed up on puroresu shows to watch now, so someone out there do me a favor and remind not to order anything next month ok? My cash supply is tapped as it is since DVD sales have been weak these past fews months.

Yesterday my company was supposed to have a farewell dinner for one of the clerks in the office, but it didn't happen cause there wasn't any venue to host the dinner. They wanted to have it at a hotel, but they are all fully booked this weekend due to a golf tournament going. Personally, I say good riddance to the bitch cause she's a pain the ass and I'm glad the dinner didn't take place.

On to the blog, and I've got a BIG puroresu show review up for New Japan Pro Wrestling's 2/20/2005 show. This was the epic show that featured the big IWGP/Triple Crown double title match, and I wrote out a play-by-play review of the match, which was really awesome up until the end. Check it out and enjoy.

And keep an eye open tomorrow for my WWE Backlash PPV report. The card may be less than stellar, but this will be the first live WWE PPV I've seen in a while.


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