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Friday, April 22, 2005

Yes, we have BREAD!

I was watching The Apprentice II last night, and the task that was set before the two teams was that they had to open and run a restaurant, which will be judged by the patrons of said establishments. Now the thing that got to me was these two ignorant old ladies who visited the restaurant ran by the female team, and it's people like these that makes me hate old people, and growing old in general. Basically these two ignorant idiots complained about the environment of the restaurant, which indeed didn't match the neighbourhood it was in, but the old hags questioned the mix cuisine that was served, to which they asked the stupid question of "They serve bread in Asia???" How dumb does that sound? It's for reasons like that I think old people should be locked away. I've had a lot of experiance with ignorant old foreigners from when I was working in hotels, so don't think I'm just judging them based on this TV show.
And as for me getting old myself, don't worry. I already made arrangements with a friend of mine to push my wheelchair off a cliff when I'm old enough XD

Anyways, yesterday I did something I hadn't done in a LONG time. I bought a new CD! After a LONG dryspell of crappy music releases, finally something good is released. Mudvayne's new Lost and Found CD! Looks like there are some advantages for metal bands to sign to a major label instead of metal/rock labels.
I also manage to snag a working copy of God of War for the PS2. The previous version I bought had a bug in it that caused the game to hang when you reach the Pandora's Temple level. Now the fun can continue as I really love this game! Expect a review soon!

On to the blog! I've posted TWO Puroresu show reviews in the past few days, Osaka Pro Wrestling's Osaka Hurricane 2005, and All Japan Pro Wrestling's big REALIZE show where Satoshi Kojima dethroned Toshiaki Kawada for the Triple Crown. Speaking of All Japan Pro Wrestling, I've also posted the results for the full 2005 Champion Carnival tour.
And I've also got a PS2 game review up for TEKKEN 5. I originally posted the review a few weeks ago, but there was a internet error when I posted it and so it was lost, and being the dumbass that I am, I didn't back it up! So consider this a streamlined version of the original review where I may have missed some details from the original, possibly including some of my complaints.


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