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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I saw SAW

I caught the movie SAW on Astro Box Office last night, and anyone who knows me knows I love movies that feature inteligent and creative psycho serial killers. The guy in this one was no exception as he goes through alot of trouble it seems to get his message accross to his victims, like locking a fat guy in a cage and giving him a time limit to escape from the razor-wire tunnel before the door closes on him. And this girl that he put what he describes as a "reverse bear-trap" on this woman's head, which will rip her mouth open if she doesn't find the key to open it in time. Thing is, the key was in the stomach of another person in the room! As evil as he sounds, this is a guy who truly believes the situations he puts these poor people through is to help them value their lives more.
Anyways, the main focus of this movie is two guys locked in a bathroom or something together, and the two are chained to pipes on opposite sides of the room. One guy is a doctor, and the other guy's background you'll know once you watch the movie cause I don't want to give anything away. The doctor is given the choice that unless he finds a way to kill the other guy, the psycho will not only kill both of them himself, but also his family! There's also the focus on a detective played by Danny Glover who's obsessed with catching this psycho. So where does the SAW in the title come in? Watch the movie yourself to find out! I thought it was a really good psychological movie that gets you thinking who the heck the psycho really is and the ending might come as a bit of a surprise! I'd rank this one up there with Seven and Resurrection as far as interesting psycho serial-killers go.


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