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Thursday, May 12, 2005

An Amazing Finish

So there I was last night watching the finale of the Amazing Race and I switch my browser to Yahoo to check my mail, and low and behold one of their headlines is a spoiler revealing the winner! Curse my luck. Spoilers were floating around everywhere and I manage to avoid them up until the last minute.
Still, it definately was an amazing race (no pun intended) to the finish as Uchenna & Joyce pulled off an AMAZING comeback from being dead last and even being delayed HOURS apart from the other teams to get the win at the very end! This was a really good finale and they did a heck of a production job to make the outcome very tense as they had Rob and Amber, or Ambah as Rob pronouces it, hot on the tails of Uchenna & Joyce who were begging for money left and right so they could pay off their cab driver just so they coud dash to the finish line!
Rob & Amber came in second, but make no bones about it, they were THE GAME as far as this series is concerned. Another million dollar opportunity slips away from Rob for the 4th time (2 Survivors, 1 fan voting and this), and I'm guessing he won't last as long if he ever joins any other reality contest due to the whole world probably on to his antics after two seasons of Survivor and this Amazing Race. Rob & Amber were definately the team to beat since they DOMINATED a majority of the race, whether the producers of the show had anything to do with that remains to be seen and still remains under heavy speculation.
Heck, even I was rooting for Rob & Amber until Joyce & Uchenna made the ultimate sacrifice of Joyce getting her head shaved bald just to get the Fast Forward during the India leg of the race a few weeks back. A sacrifice that big deserves to be rewarded like this. I wish them good luck now that they plan on starting a family.
And then there was the third place them of ex-POW Ron and ex-beauty queen Kelly. The disfunctional couple of the race that made it to the finals. They were bickering all the way through, but at least they made the final three.
Overall all, the most deserving couple won this one. Not the scheming heel team or the disfunctional bickering couple that couldn't get along. A great end to probably one of the best seasons of the Amazing Race I've ever seen. Now if only AXN would start airing Survivor...


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