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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Birthday Bash

I would have updated my blog sooner, but my home internet connection has been so bad lately that I can hardly get anything done online! I even just found out it was so bad that a petition of complaint had been started up by the residents in my area and they are going to formally complain to Telekom today! Luckilly my office connection still has a decent speed so I can get my work done.

The Birthday Bash
OK, Sunday was probably one of the more interesting birthday's I've had in years. After I picked up my parents at the airport and sent them home, I went to pick up Trish from work and she surprised me with a birthday cake! I don't think I've ever had a birthday cake come to think of it. I then sent her home for her to freshen up and then we were off to start the festivaties.
We headed to Shiki for dinner. Shiki is a new Japanese restaurant that's been open for awhile now, but we've never been there to give it our blessings. So the first thing we noticed is how pricy everything was compared to the other two Japanese restaurants in town, but when we received our order it was all well worth the money! The portions were BIG and filling, so filling in fact that we were so stuffed and had to cancel the rest of our evening plans! We instead went back to my place to watch some TV and just rest our overstuffed bread-baskets. We watched the HBO premiere of SWAT. Fun action movie about some ex-SWAT team members trying to break an international criminal out of prison and the team of good SWAT guys trying to stop them.
We followed that up with a bit of Jay Leno before we remembered about the birthday cake, so we then went and did the old cake cutting ceremony. Trish even sang happy birthday to me all by herself. God I love that woman. We finished up the evening watching Saturday Night Live before I sent her home.
May not sound like much to you guys, but it was a heck of an evening for me and I probably won't forget it anytime soon.

Four Days of Wasting My Life Away
So anyways, Thursday evening was the big night my hometown received it's city status. So naturally, me and Trish avoided the town like the plague cause it was gonna be packed full of people who wanted in on the festivaties. Instead, we went back to my place and watched the Country Bears movie on STAR Movies. Yeah, it was a kids show, but it was fun.
I couldn't go out with Trish on Friday and Saturday night cause she was working the late shift. Instead, I had lunch with her those two days and sent her work. And with my parents out of town on vacation, I lazed at home all day for the past few days playing rounds of Outlaw Golf 2. Speaking of games, I also just posted a review of the PS2 survival horror game Haunting Ground. So check it out and I'll catch ya later.


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