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Thursday, May 19, 2005

We Built This City...

Anybody remember that song? I do, but I forgot who sang it XP

Anyways, I have a confession to make. I've always bashed my home town as "Pity City". But the truth should be known now that it's not really a city, but a town as everyone used to call it. Even if it is way better than the state capital, an official city, and some of the bigger towns in the state. So hence forth, I should shall now refer to it as "Pity Town". That is until TOMORROW...
You see, TOMORROW this town will OFFICIALLY be declared a CITY. So starting TOMORROW, I can call it "Pity City" with a clear concience and no feeling of guilt for building it up as something bigger than it really is.
Of course, with City Status comes all the goodeness that makes a city a city. They expanded the highways, which lead to bigger traffic jams, which is odd because before they ever touched the roads, the flow of traffic was just fine. And then of course there's the influx of foreigners, in our case, idiots from Brunei who come down here almost everyday, adding to the traffic jams and driving like they own the place. If their freakin' government would just lighten up on some of the country's policies (like say, legalize alchohol), then maybe their own people would stay put in their country and their Sultan would be the richest man in the world again.
And then there's the People. What city these days doens't have it's share of hip-hop and rapper wannabes? Or girls who dress up like their favourire pop-star? Or they guys who think they are so "cool" cause they have a cool looking car like the one they saw on The Fast And The Furious and it's sequel, as well as boring animes like Initial-D and crappy shows like that. You know what I'm talking about, those guys who's car you can hear coming a mile away because they blast their stereos louder than their car engine. And it's not even music they listen to! Everytime I hear one of these things past by, all I hear is "Boom! Boom! Boom!" loudly blaring from the speakers. You know, I bet if I just kicked a bass drum for 5-minutes and added some squeeks and an annoying high-pitched voice repeating the same phrase over and over again, recorded it and sold it on a CD, I'd make MILLIONS. Cause these dumbasses who buy it probably can't tell the difference, which there really ISN'T any when it comes to this techno crap.
Right now the only thing missing from this soon to be city are the high-rise buildings and huge shopping malls. Those are still in the planning stages, but the government can't wait that long. The one good thing coming out of all this is that tomorrow is a public holiday, and so is Monday due to Wesak Day, so I get a FOUR-DAY WEEKEND!!!

So when next I post here, it will be from the CITY of Miri. Or check that, RESORT CITY of Miri. I could probably write up a whole other rant on that topic too.

Now for the good stuff, posted a puroresu/lucha libre show review for the first day of the AAA Invading Japan show. A fun show featuring Mexican Luchadores from AAA working a two shows in Japan, along with special appearances by several Puroresu stars from various promotions. Part 2 is coming soon, so check it out and enjoy!


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