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Friday, May 27, 2005

Snake Wrangler

I'm not in a very good mood today, and it's not because me and Trish went to watch the horror slasher flick House Of Wax last night, featuring Paris Hilton getting her head impaled on a iron spike.

The reason for I'm not too cheerful today is because there's a snake slithering around somewhere in my house right at this very minute! How did it get there? Well, it all started yesterday morning at work when an old friend of mine called me up and told me she and her husband had caught a snake in their garden. Knowing I've been looking for a pet snake for a while they called me and offered to give it to me for free! Needless to say I accepted and they sent it to me at my office. It was a beautiful specimen, but what species or if it was even poisonous, I wasn't sure.
So on my lunch break I brought it home and kept it in an old fish tank, complete with a cover. But wouldn't you know when I got back that evening it had ESCAPED it's tank?!? I spent several hours searching the house after and couldn't find it. So it either found a way out, or is hiding somewhere. And if you've ever seen the decorating job my mom did with the house, you'd know there are virtually HUNDREDS of places for it to hide.
But how did it get in the house and how did it escape you might ask? This is the "point the finger" part of the story. I had originally weighted down the cover with some heavy tiles, but my dad said it wouldn't be nescessary. Being the dumbass I am, I actually listened to him instead of following my instinct and all the snake catching stories I've seen on Animal Planet and National Geographic. My dad and I both underestimated the strength of a snake, as it's body is all muscle and really woulndn't have had any trouble pushing the cover over. As for it getting in the house, I was originally gonna leave it out in the patio under the shade, but my mom told me better to keep it inside in case someone decides to hop the fence and steal it! Of all the times in the world I took to listen to my parents, it had to be this time! Sheesh.
Needless to say I couldn't sleep easy last night knowing that the little guy could be anywhere in the house. And the fact that I also didn't know if it was venomous or not just made the paranoia worst. I'm keeping my eyes open all the time now in hopes that it comes out in the open and I can snag it again. I would personally rather it escaped and got out of the house rather than die of starvation or dehydration under a cabinet in the living room somewhere, so hopefully it pops up soon.

Another reason I'm depressed about the situation was that I knew this guy at the pet shop who also has a thing for exotic pets. I had snapped a picture of the snake with my digi-cam and brought it to him hoping he could identify it. He wasn't there, but his colleagues took one look at the pictures and immediately asked if I were interested to sell it to them! So I'm now I'm also pissed that my carelessness let an easy payday get away as I easilly would have sold it to them if the price was right.

I'll keep you guys updated on the situation in the following days. So check back when ya can. Now I gotta go play snake wrangler and upturn some furniture in my hunt for the slithering serpent...


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