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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Monkey Business

Here's an ironic newspaper headline I found in the papers yesterday: The front page headline read "Attacked by Orang Utan!" Basically these two women in Kuching were attacked by an Orang Utan while visiting a wildlife centre there, and just below that article in smaller print was the article titled "Save-The-Chimp Campaing Launched"! Who'd have thought they'd print two contradicting articles on the front page?

Anyways, the past few days have been a bit dull. It was a short holiday on Wednesday & Thursday due to the Gawai celebrations. It was kinda good we got Wednesday off cause WWE RAW was pre-empted on Tuesday night due to some live tennis event and was delayed from 10:00PM to 12:30AM! It wasn't the best edition of RAW either, but what the heck.
Wednesday night me and Trish caught the Tokyo Shock Boys Japan on National Geographic channel. You might remember the Tokyo Shock Boys from those wacky MTV ads they did before. These guys are actually pop-culture icons in Japan for the bizzare stunt performances they like to pull. The show was basically them going around Japan visiting all the various bizarre festivals that take place, like the fireworks festival, the portable shrine races and the Naked Man festival. Great fun show overall.
Thursday night was a bit dull as all me and Trish did was go to Pizza Hut for dinner and tried the new meatball pizza. Basically just a normal pizza with a beef or chicken meatball on it. Nothing special, but the set meal you can get it together with made it a bargain.

Disrupting the flow of vacation time, I had to go back to work yesterday, when all the other big companies in the state were taking the day off all week! It was really boring day at the office since no one was around. Management didn't even bother to show up. Now I've heard they are giving us Monday off due to something to do with the King today, but I would have preffered a straight stretch then have a speedbump in the road when it comes to holidays.
Last night me and Trish watched The Eye 2 on Astro Celestial Movies. Starring Hsu Chi as a chick who after a near death experiance, has the ability to see spirits. It was actually rather boring overall. Trish says one of her colleagues at work also has the vision to see spirits, and was even attacked by one recently for mouthing off at it. I'll just take her word for it.

Not alot doing today either. Had lunch with Trish before sending her to work, then sent out a puroresu DVD order to my #1 customer who's back in town. I'd actually spent the pass few days completing his order as one of the shows was giving me a Hell of a time trying to burn. Wasted some good DVD-Rs trying to complete the order. After that was done, I rushed home to clean up the house as my parents were coming back from a short vacation this evening, which brings me to where I am now after I fetched them from the airport. Just lounging at home watching TV and will probably play some PS2 later after Saturday Night Live, which will be on in a few minutes so I'll end it here for now.

Oh, and I still haven't caught that snake yet. I'll wager it escaped the house already as there has been no sign of it for a week now, and no foul stench of death around the house either.


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