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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day weekend

It was a pretty dull weekend to say the least. Friday night me and Trish just caught whatever was on TV, including TNA Lockdown where Chris Candido had his foot twisted, and we all know that lead to his tragic passing awhile back. It was weird how Mike Tenay & Don West actually missed it until they third replay.
After that, we caught Meet Joe Dirt on STAR Movies. Trish had never seen this hilarious David Spade movie before, and I enjoy watching it whenever I can. We both had alot of good laughs there.

Last night was rather hectic for me as my share ratio at PWTorrents dropped dangerously near the banned level. Thing is, I followed the FAQ on the site for the recommended setup for my Bittorent program and all it did was screw things up worse! Now I can't start any new downloads and am seeding instead so that my ratio can go up to a safe level again. At least I managed to get first day of the Differ Cup event, which I will watch as soon as I can and put a review up.
And speaking of reviews, I finally got around to posting a new puroresu show review! Check it out and enjoy!

Today is Father's Day, and there wasn't really much going around at my place. Just the average Sunday really. I was supposed to go out with Trish tonight, but she instead will be spending it with her family as they are having a Father's Day family dinner. Can't argue with that. I was originally invited to go, but old people still give me the creeps, whether they are destined to be my future inlaws or not XP


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