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Friday, July 01, 2005

Mahjong Madness

Went with Trish to watch the cantonese movie Mahjong last night. The english name is actually "Kung Fu Mahjong", but I'm guessing the only reason they added the "Kung Fu" to it was because two of the main characters in the movie were from that Stephen Chow smash hit. But that's where the similarities end.
The movie is basically about this kid with an incredible memory, who gets taken under the wing of an old gambler who wants to train him up to be the "King of Mahjong". What follows are alot of hilarious and funny moments as they go from playing small clubs to the championships. It would probably help if you knew how to play the game though to understand whats going on. Even with the crash course they gave in the movie, I was still a bit confused as to how this age old game is played.
If all the blockbuster movies at your cineplex are sold out, than I recommend checking this one out, as it's good for a laugh and a change from all the big budget special effects laden movies hitting the market now.


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