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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Catching Up

I'm not even going to try and remember what happened last week since it was really dull all around with not much going on. I did manage to get a Justice League Unlimited Invisible Martian Manhunter action figure though, cause not only did it look cool, but according to some sources, it'll be worth something in a few years if I can keep it in mint condition.

Anyways, Sunday night I caught the excellent Tom Cruise movie, The Last Samurai. I missed the chance to watch it at the cineplex when it was showing, and luckilly was able to catch it on HBO for free. This was a really good movie with Cruise playing an American soldier/war hero sent to Japan to train the Japanese soldiers on how to use modern weapons of war like guns and rifles, only to be caught by the rebelling side and end up teaming with them against the Japanese government. It was really cool the way he could match up with the Samurais at the first battle of movie where he fought them off and showed tons of fighting spirit, which he did throughout the movie to eventually earn the respect of his captors. The big war battle at the end was also pretty cool to watch, though I would have expected Cruise's character to be a bit more smart since he knew going in what kind of artilerry the army would be packing, yet didn't think a proper strategy through.
I guess the best way to sum up the movie would be Dances With Wolves, but set in Japan. And could somebody please tell me who the heck Ken Watanabe is supposed to be? I heard he's big in Japan, and was also recently in Batman Begins, but what's so special about the guy that he has a big fanboy following in the US?

Yesterday I caught what was definately one of the overall best WWE PPVs of the year, Vengeance 2005. I posted my review of the show already, and highly recommend watching this event as it featured three superbly excellent matches.

Another thing I'd like to mention right now is the utter pain my body is in. My joints and muscles are all stiff and aching, not because I took some crazy bump to show my machizmo, but because this past weekend I started doing some heavy exercises. The grim reality hit me while I was doing this that my stamina has dropped to an all time low. Where before I could do 50 push-ups and squats non-stop, now it only takes 15-20 before I have to stop and catch my breath! But I intend to persevere and build myself up again back into fighting form.


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