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Monday, July 18, 2005

If It Ain't Broke...

...Don't fix it. So someone tell me why I had to spend my weekend cleaning out my room and emptying my table and cabinets and cupboards so my parents can have them ripped out in the coming days and be replaced with "new" ones? Those cabinets and stuff have been there since we first moved here more than ten years ago, and I thought they were still in pretty good condition.
I had a bit of a nostalgia trip cleaning my stuff out as I found alot of my old art books and self made comics from my school days. I used to doodle alot back in my school days, and I can be credited as the only guy in my classes that could draw proper looking people. In my later years I even incorporated anime style art and coloring, though I mostly sucked at the coloring part. I remember being caught so many times in class by my teachers as I scribbled away on any shred of paper I could get my hands on to draw whatever was on my mind at the time. Many of my teachers encouraged me to keep at my craft, but just not during their classes!
I haven't drawn anything for years now, but the urge is always still there. The only thing I NEVER learned to draw well was GIRLS. I could never get the faces right.

Anyways, Thursday night me and Trish went to watch Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I have no idea how close it was to the original BBC series or books, but many said that it didn't even come close. The movie was definately good for a laugh, especially Marvin the depressed robot. But I guess it would REALLY help if you had some back info on the series so you could familiarise yourself with the characters.

Friday night Me and Trish spent the evening at home again, watching some South Park on DVD, followed by Angel and The Collector on TV. There's some good television worth watching on Friday nights now, so our evenings aren't so boring.
Which of course leads to the weekend where like I mentioned earluer I had to clean stuff out.

Today was also the day of Pro Wrestling NOAH's big DESTINY Tokyo Dome show. For most part it was predictable, but there was a surprise or two on the show still. I'll be posting the results as soon as they are officially released.


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