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Friday, July 08, 2005

War of the Worlds...SUCKED.

So me and Trish went to watch the much hyped Tom "I'm not crazy, I'm in Love" Cruise movie War of the Worlds, and by the end of it I was really dissapointed. Sure it started off good enough with the way the aliens came up from underground and started killing everyone and destroying everything with their death ray that turns flesh to dust but does nothing to clothing, but it was rather boring for the most part as it mostly centered on Cruise and his dumb ass kids fleeing the city to get to his ex-wife's place in Boston. Actually, it felt like 90% of the movie was made specifically to whore Cruise's face on the big screen.
And don't get me started on his dumbass kids. First there's his son who is so "rebelious" he would rather endanger the lives of his family by trying to pick a fight with the aliens instead getting to safety, and the even more annoying sister who seems to scream for the sake of screaming like some spoilt brat.
I know it was based on the H.G.Wells book, but I could have done with a little more character development as Cruise and his bratty kids were the main focus throughout the whole movie. We don't get any other perspective of what's going on in the world other than what Cruise & Co. were experiancing, which really made it boring for me. There were also alot of holes left in the plotline, like if the aliens were trying to exterminate the populace, why were they capturing some humans to drain them of blood so they could soak in it? At least that was the impression I was given judging from the ending. And I don't think they ever gave a proper explanation for the roots popping up everywhere.
On a positive note, I will say that the parts where the alien tripods attacked and killed the innocents could truly be disturbing as there was a real high body count, and you could tell they used past experiances from 9-11 and the Asian Tsunami to get ideas of how to make the devastation really saddening, and I actually did feel for the innocents in the movie, especially during the ferry attack.
Overall, if you want to watch a fun alien invasion movie, grab a copy of Independance Day, cause that old classic OWNS this crappy waste of a film reel. Heck, Mars Attacks would even be more entertaining.

PS: When the crazy guy in the cellar mentioned that they found a way to stop a few of them in Japan, was I the only thinking it was because they most likely have giant robots in Japan? Or a big nuclear powered lizard with a bad temper? Or giant ultramen who are used to dealing with alien invaders? XP


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