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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Road Trip!

So having a free day on Sunday and no worries about work, me and Ling took a quick rood trip to Brunei to chow down on sushi since we've heard how cheap it is there. This was the first solo trip to Brunei for us, so it was also a learning experiance of sorts. We had a bit of trouble finding the restaurant in Kuala Belait, and were lucky that when we finally did find it, that there was space at the bar for us since seating was mostly by reservation! The menu was impressive with many items we can't find here in Miri, and the best part was definitely the pricing. We ate a lot and the final receipt was just B$27! We definitely plan to go back in a few weeks to try out the menu items we didn't get a chance to on this trip!

Our adventures didn't end there though, as we got a bit lost looking for the Seaview supermarket and SuperSave. Found the Seaview after a while, but had no luck with the SuperSave, so we came back early.

We did get to look around a bit though, and I found a guitar shop there selling particularly cheap instruments that caught my eye, like an Ibanez-like 7-string guitar, a Dimebag Darrell signature Dean guitar, and several 5-string bass guitars that I would definitely pick up if I had the cash.


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