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Monday, December 15, 2008

Party Time

So I attended my company's annual dinner / Christmas party over the weekend, and while it was a fun event, I felt a bit ripped off since the VIP table consisting of management personnel almost sweeped all the prizes, games and awards! It felt like the rest of us were up against the Main Event Mafia or something.

I was a runner up for best dressed guy, but it was me against two of the guys from management. I should have won considering the two upper guys were wearing business suits. I do admit to defeat to the eventual winner since he actually outclassed me in the charisma department. But am rather dissapointed in the rest of the guys who didn't bother to dress up despite it being the theme of the night. When they slag off like that, how could they not pick management members as the nominees?
The 3 ladies they picked for the finalists weren't all that better. There were a handfull of gals dressed way better and deserved to be up there more than who was picked. And who the heck was the judges for these events anyway? The friggin' hosts! Way to go democracy.

On the plus side, some changes have already been made with regards to next year's event. My problem is I gotta find a new wardrobe to take back my crown as the Sexy Beast of the office.


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