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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Road Trip!

This will probably be the last post I make for the next few days as tomorrow, along with my family and my beutiful girlfriend Trish, I will be departing for a short vacation to Singapore. While there, I intend to make the usual rounds of finding CDs and stuff that you can't find here in Malaysia, AKA banned music CDs. But since my girl is also coming with me, and this is our first vacation together, we also intend to do a little sightseeing together.

But don't worry, comrades, I have some parting words of wisdom before I leave:
1. If your ever in Miri, DO NOT eat at the Seahorse Bistro. I had the displeasure of having dinner there this past weekend with my family and Trish, and the service was TERRIBLE and the food portions left much to be desired. My brother and me had the same sirloin steak order, but when it arrived, his was TWICE the size of mine! The least these dumbasses could do is standardise the food portions if they aren't going to train their high-school dropout staff on proper service and etiquette. So like I said above, stay away from here. The sooner it closes down due to lack of business, the better it will be for all of us.
2. If your ever in Miri and have a good budget to spare, maybe you should try checking out Frantini's Restaurant. It's an Italian restaurant ran by Filipino staff serving Italian food like Pizza and Pasta. It's better to come to a place like this in a group so you can order more and split the pricy bill around, or you'll think it's not worth the price after your meal.

So the rest of you who have to work, or go to school, or sit home to watch the kids, ENJOY the rest of your week. Cause I know I'm going to enjoy mine. I'll post a full report when I get back for your reading pleasure.


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