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Monday, December 11, 2006

Heroes, Hitmen and Lobsters

It's been a while, but I'm still here.
Not really a whole lot going on these few weeks. I haven't had time to go out with Ling due to her working 12 hour shifts last weekend, but Saturday night we were finally able to get together for an evening. We watched episodes 4 to 6 of Heroes, and it just seems to get better and more interesting as it progresses. We also watched Mr. And Mrs. Smith on Star Movies, the action-dark comedy about a married couple who discovers that they work for rival assasin organisations and are given 48hrs to take each other out.
Yesterday after picking up Ling from work, we went furniture hunting again. We found some interesting deals, but nothing really matching what we were looking for.
On the bright side, I bought a new pet lobster/crayfish from an aquarium I hadn't visited in a long while. It's rather different from the regular red and blue China crayfish the aquariums sell as this one was black with orange markings and had huge white claws.


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