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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Babies & Katsu!

Wednesday me and Ling went to watch the latest Jackie Chan HK movie, Rob.B.Hood. Story about two thieves who kidnap a baby and end up growing fond of it, leading to a lot of rather hilarious moments as they avoid beign discovered as the kidnappers and learn how to look after a baby. Sure, the idea behind the movie is rather cliche'd, but it was rather enjoyable. The only complaint I have is that even though it was for comedy purposes, I don't EVER want to see scat jokes in a movie, wheather it's from a baby's diaper or not.

In my latest anime watching endeveur, I got done watching the series Amaenaideyo Katsu!, the second season to the Amaenaideyo series, again following the adventures of a group of trainee monks (six girls and 1 guy) as they learn to master their abilities and exorcise evil spirits along the way. The series has way too much fan-service for it's own good that you sometimes wonder why they didn't just make it porn, but there's still plenty of comedy value to it. I'm actually hoping they make a 3rd season so they can concentrate on the monks mastering their abilities.


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