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Monday, October 16, 2006

Heroes, Angels and Dreams

Saturday night me and Ling watched the first 3 episodes of the new TV series, Heroes. This series is a rather interesting take on the "What would you do if you discovered you had super powers" story, with a hand full of people around the world (Actually, just America and Japan) who discover they have bizzare abilities, like the indestructable girl, the artist who paints/draws the future, the brothers who can fly, the police officer who can read minds, the woman with a reflection that has a life of it's own, and my favorite, the Japanese salary man who can bend space and time with his mind!
There also seems to be a super-villian involved, who's a psycho serial killer, and a possible government cover up regarding how these everyday people received their super powers. But the main storyline is that these "heroes" are all destined to come together and save the world (or just New York) from destruction.
Me and Ling were hooked from the very first episode, and hopefully, the rest of the season doesn't dissapoint either.

Watching through the tons of fan-subbed anime series on my PC, with still more to come since the new season is just starting, I finally got done going through two more series, Season 4 of Galaxy Angels and Yume Tsukai (Dream Users). Galaxy Angels of course follows the insane adventures of the Angel Tai, and since the 5th season already airing in Japan consists of a completely new cast of characters, I almost thought they were going to end the series logically, but than they pull a 180' like they always do, so the possibility that they might return some day for another season or maybe a movie or OVA isn't out of the question.
Yume Tsukai is sort of like Ghostbusters, only instead of 3 scientists and a black man, we get 2 sisters, an aunt, an apprentice, and a possible pedophile (He likes kids and ignores women) who enter peoples dreams to deal with nightmares that become reality and try to engulf it's dreamer. Despite the almost kiddy-like concept of the series, it took on a few rather heavy themes throughout the series, like lesbianism, sibling incest, and the one I expected the least, "daughter having the hots for dad incest"! There's nothing really graphic about this series, as like they say in the show itself, "There's no such thing as a forbidden dream". The series was definately something different from what I usually watch, and I think I can recommend it if you like watching shows about the paranormal and such.


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