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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where to begin?

Last wednesday me and Ling went to watch Monster House at the Star Cineplex. Despite the slow start, I thought it was a rather OK movie, and while the 3DCG sort of looked like PS2 quality CG, the animation was really well done and realistic looking. Much like the Incredibles, I felt this show had the story that could have been made into live action instead of animated, as they more or less did everything in the way it could have been done in live action. A good movie worth checking out in my view.

Thursday I almost forgot about the Rockstar: Supernova finals, but I managed to catch it in time to see the last elimination before they selected the new singer for the band. My pick to win, Dilana, unfortunately became the runner up, with Lucas winning the spot. Supernova says they picked Lucas based on him getting the highest fan voting, and I'm guessing that might be half true considering I think Dilana is better than him and the band would seem weird with her as the singer, and she could actually outshine the other members with her abilities. At least Gilby Clark offered to produce a record for her, and I'll definately be keeping an eye out for it.

We had a rather interesting Saturday evening other than the usual "have dinner, go home watch TV" routine, me and Ling found ourselves in the strange predicament of looking after an abandoned kitten before dropping it off at the Krokop Market on our way to send her home. Now I love animals as much as any hippie, but this kitty was seriously disturbing my sleep for almost a week now with it's constant meowing calling for it's mother who abandoned it and never came back for it. Me and Ling force fed it some milk before dropping it off, so it would at least have some strength to get around and hopefully find a new master.


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