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Monday, August 21, 2006

Board, Biscuit, Black Lagoon and Hoodwinked

So last week I got so bored at work and since AOPW had closed down I decided to start up my forum site using a free invisionfree account. So if you've got some time on your hands, check out my new Rated-E for EXTREME! forums. It basically picks up where I left off at AOPW, and there's more to it than just pro-wrestling news and results. Most of the stuff I post there is really just for my own reference anyway.

Wednesday there wasn't anything to watch at the Star Cineplex so me and Ling went around Bintang Plaza window shopping. I did manage to buy a paperback book of Seabiscuit: An American Legend. You might be wondering what the heck I'd be doing buying a book about a race horse, but after watching the movie a few months back on TV as well as the documentary on Discovery Channel, I was rather interested to find out more, and the book is definately an interesting read thus far as it chronicles how life was back in the day when motorcars where first being introduced and how Seabiscuit, his owner, trainer and jockey all came together to become a near unstoppable team. Ok, I haven't really read that far in, but you just know that's how the story is going to go.

The latest in my anime watching schedule, I completed watching Black Lagoon on Saturday afternoon. Black Lagoon is a really interesting action adventure series about a guy named Rock who joins a group of mercenaries and goes on a wild ride of adventures. Rock has to deal with a blood-thirsty double-gun wielding woman by the name of Revy, who really stands out as far as anime heroines go. She's really foul mouthed and thick-headed, but when it comes to a gun fight, she's almost second to no-one. I say "almost", cause one of highlights of the series (and probably THE highlight of the entire first season) was Revy going one-on-one with Roberta, the killer maid! This was one of those rare instances where the heroes get outshined and Revy seriously got more than she bargained for in this one. Roberta herself is the kind of character that could probably get their own spin-off series.
Another thing I enjoyed about the series is the way they build up each episode. For instance, they'd use one episode to build up the back story, and the next episode will be a non-stop action packed shoot-out to close out the story. Doesn't hurt that there's a bevy of hot (but dangerous) chicks that come and go in the series either.

Saturday night me and Ling had dinner with my parents as it was my dad's birthday. We had originally planned to go for dinner at the Hot Spot, but the plan was changed at the last minute and we had western food at a simple corner stall in town.
After that, we went home and we watched Hoodwinked, a rather funny and modern twist to the Little Red Ridinghood story. While it didn't have the best looking 3D-CGI, it was well animated and the story was really fun. Next week, we watch Silent Hill!


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