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Saturday, July 22, 2006

We still miss ya, Dime.

Today I watched the VH1 Behind the Music special on Pantera. This was a recently done show and brought to light the history of one of the greatest heavy metal bands ever before the tragic murder of guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott on Dec. 8th, 2004 by a crazed fan during a gig.
The special did the obligatory look at the bands history, up till the point where the band split thanks in part to singer Phil Anselmo and his various side projects (Down, Superjoint Ritual, etc). And speaking of Anselmo, just how stoned did he look during his interview segments?!? Seriously. When you hear all the arguments over who caused the break up of Pantera, there's definately more evidence in the Abbott brother's corner to support their claim that it was Phil who walked out on them first, even in the most recent Revolver magazine interview with Vinnie Paul he mentioned everything he said in this special and it just came off as more sincere that Phil Anselmo is a bit of a jerk.
But like I said earlier, the main draw of this special was the tragic death of Dimebag Darrell. In addition to interviews with various eye-witnesses of the shooting, they even had security cam footage that showed the guy walk on stage just seconds into Damageplan starting their set, lift a gun and blow 5 rounds into the back of Dimebag's head before turning the gun on security members and audience members who rushed the stage. The gunman himself was of course gunned down on the spot by a lone police officer who was first to respond to emergency calls.
It almost brought a tear to my eyes to hear the very emotional story of the events from witnesses, as well as friends and family like Dime's girlfriend of almost 20 years, Dime & Vinnie's dad, Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains, Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society, and a host of others. I was particularly amused by Zakk Wylde's tale of how at Dime's funeral, all the guests (made up of various headbangers and metal's elite) would all put bottles of liquor into Dime's casket, and when Zakk finally made it to pay his respects, he amusingly asked Dime, "So you think this is enough for the trip?" XP
For those of you who have never heard his work, Diamond Dimebag Darrell Abbott was truly one of the best guitar players ever to walk the face of the planet. And for all us fans (even late bloomers like me), we still miss him as he was in his prime when was taken from us. He's probably up there rockin' the heavens and shooting Blacktooths like the party animal he is though.


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