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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Re-Cycle...other's ideas?

Saturday night me and Ling went to watch the new Park bros. directed fantasy horror movie, Re-Cycle. It was a really interesting movie and had it's share of shock-scare moments, but I couldn't help but notice the many similarities the movie had with the Silent Hill games on PS2. You had the lead character seemingly haunted in her apartment by unseen forces (SH4), a normal trip out of her apartment leads her into another world (any SH game), ghosts of people floating chasing her around (SH4), an creepy abandoned carnival type setting (SH1 & SH3), and all manner of other weird similarities. Actually, the story took a turn and became more of a fantasy adventure than horror once the lead character enters the ghost world.
And another thing that bothered me about the movie was the ending. The Park Bros. tried going for that M. Night Shyamalan shock/surprise ending, but it came off more confusing to me here than what I was expecting. And a more straight forward ending would have been better as I could see everyone else in the cineplex was rather confused as well. Watch it for yourself and make your own decision. Hopefully they'll add somekind of alternate ending to the DVD release of the movie.


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