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Monday, May 22, 2006

28 And Still Going Strong!

Yup, it's my birthday today. 28 years old and still going strong.
You could probably say the birthday celebrations started on Saturday. Sure I spent the day lounging at home as usual before going out in the evening with Ling. We had a simple chicken-rice dinner before heading to the Boulevard shopping complex where she went window shopping while I killed some time at the arcade. I was looking to play Garou: Mark of the Wolves, but I couldn't find the machine anywhere. I suddenly came upon 3 new machines which boasted having 200 games in each, and after figuring out how to switch games, I was pleasently surprised to find a whole lot of classic Neo Geo fighters in them machines, from every game in the King of Fighters series to the Art of Fighting series, and even the Saturday Night Slam Masters! Needless to say I enjoyed my time playing those classics before meeting up with Ling again and moving on. I bought a few PS2 games before we stopped for some ice cream and I then sent Ling home.

My birthday is officially today, but me and Ling decided to celebrate it early yesterday instead cause we didn't want to rush today since Trish was working until 6pm. We had dinner at Shiki, the same Japanese restaurant we went to last year. I had me some unagi sushi and a big bowl of beef ramen, which was surprisingly filling and we finished our meal rather early. We decided to head to the cineplex to see if anything good was on. We were expecting to watch Mission Impossible III, but instead we found we had come just in time to catch the Dreamworks CG animated movie Over the Hedge, and we decided to watch that instead and it was a great entertaining and funny movie. I'll gladly take that over Tom Cruise any day.
We both enjoyed the movie and after which I sent Ling home as she had to work today. I also managed to finish Shadow Hearts: From the New World today too, which was an awesome game even if it wasn't as long as the previous installment in the series.

I took the day off work today and got up early this morning to catch the live airing of the WWE Judgment Day PPV, and luckilly for me it was an enjoyable show overall, unlike Backlash a few weeks back. I spent the afternoon playing Driver: Parallel Lines and in the evening I went out with Ling again. We had dinner at McDonalds before going around Bintang Plaza for a bit before I sent her home again. And here I am now updating my blog while watching the Judgment Day replay. It may not sound like much, but this was actually one of the better birthday celebrations I've ever had.


Blogger solar81 said...

well...happy belated birthday!!!

6:58 AM  

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