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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Upgrade Complete

Being sick for most of the week is no fun. It's also pretty boring to sit home all day with a headache and your body is sweating like a pig due to the really hot humidity. The only plus side I guess is that I got to skip work for a few days, even when Friday was a public holiday. I'm a lot better now after doping up on painkillers, but I still got a bit of a sore throat and dry cough.

Anyways, remember the new hard disc I picked up for my PC? Well, I didn't really know the difference between IDE and SATA connections, and the one I bought was a SATA connection and my PC was had an IDE connection. So on Thursday, with my head throbbing, I managed to drive myself to the PC shop to switch the hard disc for a IDE one, unfortunately they didn't have one, so I plopped down another 38 bucks and switched it for an even bigger 250gig hard disc! More money to spend, but I guess I can now cut down on buying DVDRs to save all my stuff to to save on hard disc space. After making the switch, I went to the pharmacy where Ling worked to pick up some pain killers for my headache. Why didn't I go to a doctor? Cause I know they would have given me pain killers anyway. And guess what? They WORKED.

Friday morning I set about installing my new hard disc. Now, I'm not an expert in PC repairs and installation, and I usually just learn off the top of my head by trouble shooting everything. So I received when heck of a shock when I tried creating a partition on my new hd and realized half of my memory was missing after I finished installation! I checked with my cousin, who's better at this than me, and he said that I had forgotten to declare the second drive where the memory would have been, and so now over 100 gigs of free memory was GONE! So he recommended I try looking up partition software to see if I can get back my lost memory. So I looked up the program and began downloading it. While it was downloading I looked around the comments of the said product, and one of them caught my eye as the guy mentioned that we don't really need programs like those and that any problems can be fixed through the administrative tools in our PCs. So I looked it up, and true enough, the problem really coud be fixed through there, and by that afternoon my new hard disc was completely set and ready to go.
That afternoon I went to pick up Ling from work since she was working halfday due it being a public holiday. We spent a short time at Bintang Plaza walking around window shopping before I sent her home and we got a good afternoon's rest.

Saturday I spent the day at home resting up again for most of the day and playing Shadow Hearts: From the New World and King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2. I'm almost done with Shadow Hearts and hope to finish it in a day or two.
Last night me and Ling were all set for a quiet evening at home after having not seeing each other for almost a full week. Unfortunately our peace and tranquility was ruined when my parents called me up saying that they had locked themselves out of the car in town! So me and Ling had to rush down to send them the spare keys to open up the car.
After that we got home again and watched Blade Trinity on HBO. It was pretty good, though I'm not sure how well it compares to the two previous movies since I missed the beginning of this one. I sent her home after the movie and came home to get a good night's sleep.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that since today is Mother's Day that me and Ling had bought a cake for my mom. So happy Mother's Day to all out there.


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