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Monday, March 27, 2006

One Weak

Last week was probably the most boring work-week I've ever lived through. It was boring mostly cause all the big heads were out of town, leaving us inmates to run the asylum. So with no one around and nothing to do, plus the fact that the internet connection was on the fritz, we were all bored to death.

Thursday me and Trish went to watch Date Movie at the cineplex. This was one of those non-serious comedies that spoofed other popular movies. It had some really funny moments that were ripped off from other movies like Bridgette Jones Diary, Meet the Fockers, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and even The Lord of The Rings! It might not be to everyone's taste, but it definately worth checking out if you like some gross comedy.

Friday night me and Trish got a take-away from McDonalds and spent the evening at my place. We watched a few episodes of Iron Chef on DVD I ripped. It was the original Japanese version, but dubbed in english for American TV. Definately would have been better if they just subbed it instead.

I spent my weekend at home since Trish was working in the evenings. I finished the FPS PS2 game Black, and played a little of the freaky survival horror game Rule of Rose, which I really hope gets an english release. Other than that, I did what exercises I could to try and lose weight, ending up with stiff joints and such.
I also seriously need to get around to watching the puroresu shows I downloaded so I can clear them off my hard disc.


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