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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

(sick) Pt.2

So after thinking I had recovered and all over the weekend with my bout of diarhea/fever/headache, and going to work feeling all hunky-dory on Monday despite a bit of a light head, I wake up on Tuesday and was hit with a full relapse! It was back to a bad case of diarhea and headache, and I had to a sick day off work for 2 days. I'm feeling OK now, so hopefully I'll be alright to go to work tomorrow as well as go out with Trish like we usually do.

In between resting up at least I was able to get in some game time with my PS2, playing through Fight Night Round 2 again as it's really one of my favorite games and I'm prepping myself for Fight Night Round 3 which will be out soon.
I also just got done watching the Zero-One MAX Fantastic Fighting #36 show, which featured a great, heated main event featuring one of my favs, Yoshihito Sasaki, VS hardcore legend Mitsuhiro Matsunaga in a no rope barb-wire and spidernet board double hell death match! The main event was really good! Click the link to check out my review!


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