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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Two Firsts

Since I'm working all day on weekdays, I usually miss out on a lot of TV that either goes on during the day cause I'm working, or late night since I have to get up early the next day. So you can bet that since I have a whole week off work for the Chinese New Year holidays that I'd be spending it like a big old couch potato.
So during all this TV viewing I got watch two firsts, the first of which happened while watching the World Match Play Darts Championship on Astro Super Sports after WWE RAW on Tuesday. I've always been a big fan of the sport, and used to play it alot myself. Heck, my parents are former club-level champions! Anyways, the match in particular was the quarter-final of the Blackpool Open, with John Part taking on defending champion Phil "The Power" Taylor. Part ended up dominating the champion and taking the win 16-11, but the big deal here is that Taylor was looking for his sixth grand slam title, and the man had not been defeated since 1999! In wrestling terms, this would be as big as when Rikioh beat Kobashi for the GHC title, only in this case it was a almost SIX YEAR undefeated streak that was broken!
And I've really gotta confess something here, for me watching darts is equally exciting as watching pro-wrestling! If you've ever watched the Drew Carey show where they ridiculed it as a slow boring sport, well that is FAR from it! The reality is that it's really exciting, with a lot of competative drama and true skill. Try watching it sometime if you don't believe me.
OK, now that I got that off my chest, the other first that I caught on TV was on Hollywood Squares the other day. Sure I know it's a simple game show featuring B-grade celebrities trying to be funny, but this particular episode was pretty cool cause during the bonus round the contestant became the first person ever to answer every question correctly, thereby guaranteeing she won the bonus prize as each correct answer removed a fake key from the bunch the contestant could choose from to win their bonus prize.

It wasn't all about what was on the boob tube too. I manage to get in some good game time playing X-Men Legends II and Time Splitters: Future Perfect on PS2. And I even got in time to watch some of the anime and puroresu shows I downloaded so I could delete from my HD to save up space to get more stuff.

And to that end, I've got up a new puroresu show review for you all, the AJPW "Unchained World" 11/19/2005 show. Check it out and check back again for more of the good stuff!


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