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Friday, January 13, 2006

Best of 2005

Well, this sure took me awhile to get too, but nonetheless, it's finally done. My 10 Best Moments of 2005 List!

1. Lord of the Rings
Of course the best moment of the year came right at the end of it when me and my girlfriend of 3 years officially got engaged on Christmas Day.

2. Less We Forget…Follow up the happiest moment with the saddest moment, which was of course the loss of Eddie Guerrero to the pro-wrestling world. There were other wrestling related and celebrities to pass in 2005, but none of them effected me and a great number of others like the passing of Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero. We still miss you, Eddie.
Other big pro-wrestling losses in 2005:
- Shinya Hashimoto
- Chris Candido
- Lord Alfred Hayes

3. Tora! Tora! Torrents!
I was introduced to torrents by my cousin, and it would turn into one heck of a useful application. With P2P file sharing programs under fire and being marked by everyone who wanted to put a stop to it, the next big thing in file sharing was born in the form of Bit Torrent programs! I’ve gotten so much more out of torrents than I could have ever found from old P2P programs like KAZAA, from wrestling shows, to music, to movies, to anime, if your not using torrents, you are seriously missing out!

4. Animania!
Thanks in part to the power of Bit Torrent programs, I had renewed interest in Japanese anime this year after AXN stopped showing Japanese anime and the Animax channel on ASTRO is crap. Now I’m able to acquire an entire season or series of anime both new and old, and all it takes is a little patience to download the sometimes huge files. And they’ve been some really fun stuff to come out in 2005, the best of which was Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid.

5. That’s Good TV
It’s also been a great year for TV. I’ve found a ton of new shows in the from fun shows like Viva La Bam!, Becker and Wonderfalls, to reality shows like The Apprentice, American Casino and the Amazing Race.
Heck, even with all the Anime I was watching towards the end of the year, there were some great American cartoons on Cartoon Network that got my attention as well, such as Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, X-Men Evolution, and my favorite of the bunch, the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy!

6. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!
Another thing that I got caught up with in 2005 was stand up comedy acts. I’ve always loved watching stand-up comedians, but once again thanks to torrents, and even the sale of DVDs here, I’ve learned some really hilarious stuff from the likes of Ron White (“They Call Me ‘Tater Salad!”), Jeff Foxworthy (You might be a red neck…) and Larry the Cable Guy (Git R’ Done!)

7. Great Voyage (Not NOAH!)
My first vacation with my girl Trish to Singapore in August last year was one of my most fun despite getting severely sick half – way through. But for those of you who don’t know this, there’s nothing better than being cared for by someone you love when your feeling weak and ill.

8. Let’s Get It On!
It’s no secret I’m a big pro-wrestling nut, but I’m also a big fan of MMA, and in 2005 my interest in the product was re-kindled by being able to watch PRIDE FC, K-1 and UFC through various sources. I even started seriously working out again and even bought a punching bag to do strikes, and let me tell ya, you don't know how tiring it is to throw wild strikes and miss your target till you actually try it!

9. Weight On, Weight Off.
Related to the above, it’s no secret I’m also a bit big boned, and Trish tried to help me shed some flab with all kinds of medical concoctions she got from the pharmacy she works at. Funny thing how some of it would work only for the short term before coming back again later. Guess my weight is destined to stay as it is.

10. Stupid Dog, You Make Me Look Bad!
And of course how could I forget the little wiener dog so full of energy now running around my house? From being called Geanie to Doo-Doo to whatever it is my parents call her now, this little doggie can be as big a pain as she can be fun to run around with. I don’t know what’s with her sometimes, but unlike Charlie Brown, I don’t mind having a dog that’s not normal like everyone else’s. Wouldn’t hurt if she was a little more well mannered though as the constant barking at nothing at the late night hours is enough to drive anyone insane.


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