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Friday, December 30, 2005

Not so Valiant

Last night me and Trish went to watch the 3D animated movie Valiant. World War II movie about homing pigeons who sent messages from the frontlines avoiding the dangers of Nazi falcons who try to stop them from accomplishing their mission. Good for a laugh, but certainly not the best animated movie I've seen this year. The 3D art was even poor in comparison, as it all looked rather dull and bland, not as detailed.

Anywayz, the new year is upon us. So keep your eyes opened for my best and worse of the year awards. Hopefully I can get it posted on Sunday. Till then, I've got a PS2 game review of the game Farenheit (also know as Indigo Prophecy) up, an excellent game worth checking out, and a CD review of the new KoRn album, See You On The Other Side. I've also posted one of my longest articles ever a few days back, my Puroresu Year In Review 2005. Read and Enjoy. See Y'all next year!


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