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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Thursday Me and Trish went to watch the video game based movie Doom, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Problem is, when the movie started, the audio in the cineplex was abusolutely HORRIBLE! You could barely make out what the characters were even saying! Needless to say the cineplex staff thought the crowd would let it slide, but it's nice to know there were a few intelligent people in the house that night, as a big group of us went to the ticket counter to complain, leading to them stopping the movie alltogether and refunding our money! It still pretty much ruined our evening though since we had nothing else to do.

Friday night we came back to my place and I showed Trish the WWE RAW tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Now Trish doesn't follow pro-wrestling as closely as I do, but she was pretty much shocked herself to find out it was Eddie that had passed away. We spent the rest of the evening watching whatever was on TV again, in this case it was Hulk on Cinemax followed by something that was on Discovery Channel.

Yesterday I had to get up early to send my parents to the airport. I spent the rest of the day at home playing the new WWE Smackdown! VS RAW 2006 game, and finished the career mode with Eddie Guerrero. This was one of those weird gaming experiances for me as I was playing the game as a guy that had just passed away last week, and here he was in video game form with his actual voice going through the dialogues of the in game angles. The game itself is ok, with smarter AI making it harder to grapple, but the biggest complaint I guess I have is the horrendus loading time. The worst part is just waiting for the game to save! This was something they really should have worked on in the game. I'll give the game a full review soon, so stay tuned.

Not alot going on today either. Spent the day playing more video games before I had to go fetch my parents from the airport this afternoon. I just got done watching Troy on HBO, and surprisingly, it was a good movie! Sure it was a box office flop in some sense, but your a fan of HUGE battle sequences like in Lord of the Rings, than you need to watch this. Heck, Brad Pitt's bad ass Achilles character alone is worth checking it out for! Right now I'm considering either getting the DVD or downloading it from somewhere just to see the whole thing uncensored.

The sound off, I've posted a review of Zero-One MAX Fantasctic Fighting #31. This show features the second match in the Sandman's two day tour with Zero-One MAX, taking on Masato Tanaka in an ECW rememberance match. And the show is rounded off with a brutal junior heavyweight match between New Japan's Koji Kanemoto and Z1M's rising junior star Yoshihito Sasaki. Check it out and there's more to come as I seriously need to clear out the puroresu shows on my PC.


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