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Sunday, October 23, 2005

3 Years and still going

Yesterday Me and Trish celebrated our 3 year anniversary as a couple. So what did we do to celebrate the big 3 count? Just something simple. We bought home dinner to eat, than spent the rest of the evening watching TV. We watched the reality show Ghost Hunters. We originally wanted to watch the HBO premiere of Catwoman, but opted for Ghost Hunters instead since we're marks for horror and such. Plus, watching what was left of Catwoman after, I can tell we didn't miss much. I thought it was a nice touch the way Sharon Stone's heel character in the movie had somekind of special ability where she doesn't feel pain.
We also spent the night taing shots at each oter with new set of boxing gloves I have. They came with a punching bag set I bought yesterday as well. Funny thing, I though those gloves were supposed to cushion your shots and also protect the person you punch, but they really hurt if you hit a guy hard enough!

On Thursday night we went to watch the Adam Sandler movie, The Longest Yard. I had a high interest in watching this one cause there are a handful of pro wrestlers co-starring in it, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, Bob Sapp and Giant Singh. The movie had alot of HILARIOUS moments in it and I highly recommend checking it out. I thought it was a bit mean of them to put English subs in for Singh when he spoke, but I guess the guy has a very hard voice to understand due to his size.

Now onto the blog stuff. Got a review up of the All Japan Women "Rising Generation 2004" show. Good show, but would have been better if the veterans actually put over some of the next generation stars. Read and enjoy.


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