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Friday, October 07, 2005

High in the Sky

Went to watch the movie Sky High with Trish last night. Really fun movie about a kid who's the son of the greatest super hero couple on the planet, but has no powers himself! He gets enrolled into super hero school and that's where all the fun begins. This movie was a sleeper hit in the US and now I know why as it was really good and funny. It almost looked like a live action version of the Incredibles, and like that animated hero-fest, I hope a sequel is in the works.

Thank God it's Friday, cause I've had a really tiring week. I've been running a lot of errands this past few days, running here and there and I'm also a little sleep deprived cause I've been having trouble sleeping for some reason. At least now I can rest up and recharge my batteries over the weekend.

And what better way to relax over the weekend than by playing the sequel to the sleeper hit game Katamari Damacy? That's right! I picked up the sequel yesterday, We Love Katamari! This is one of the most highly anticipated games for me since Fire Pro Returns, and I can't wait to spend my weekend rolling around the world again!


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