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Friday, September 23, 2005


My eyes hurt, and it's not due to lack of sleep. On Tuesday I decide to give this big sexay frame of mine some exercise, so I brought Trish to the big park near her place and we were going to walk around it a bit to stretch my legs. I don't get 10 feet and blam! Something flies into my left eye! Had no idea what it was, but it hurt like a sumbitch for the whole evening after that even after washing out my eye. Thankfully it got better the next day as whatever it was that flew in was probably absorbed into my system.

Than, last night me and Trish went to watch Shark Boy & Lava Girl at the cineplex. The movie was in 3D and required the audience to use 3D glasses to view it. It was ok at first, but after the first glasses intermission, when they asked you to put your glasses on again my eyes just couldn't adjust to the red/blue color scheme, so now they are a bit sore.
The movie was just ok though, and I would have preffered seeing it in none 3D. Definately a kids movie since alot of the humor and such were like watching an American made saturday morning cartoon.


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