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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Ok, so this will be my last post for today.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Merdeka Day yesterday, cause I sure as hell know one guy who was probably the luckiest man in town yesterday. I read in the newspapers this morning that this businessman was sitting down at a coffee shop chatting with a friend yesterday when suddenly this car stops in front of them and this guy with a sawn off shotgun gets out and looked to make an assasination attempt on the guy, but his gun wouldn't go off! The businessman runs in fear and the gunman chases him for about 10 meters where the businessman trips and the gunman has him at point blank range. He takes aim and pulls the trigger but nothing happens! Seeing the opportunity, the businessman wrestles the gun away from his would be assailant and the failed hitman makes a run for it. Talk about dumb criminals. If that would be hitman was a pro, he would have been smart enough to check his equipment before carrying out the hit. And the businessman was indeed one lucky sum'bitch.

Back to the Merdeka Day topic, I noticed my newly christened city hometown had ZERO in the way of a Merdeka Day celebrations save for a parade at the sports stadium yesterday. I was expecting somekind of big count down shin-dig at the City Fan Park like they usually do, but there was nada, zippo, nothing! I get the feeling they blew most of the budget on the City Day celebrations several months back.

So what did I do for Merdeka Day? Well, Trish was working, so I lazed at home and watched a DVD of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. This was one of the most HILARIOUS shows I'd EVER seen! It was basically a taping of the final stop on a comedy tour featuring four of the funniest redneck comedians in America: Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy. Larry the Cable Guy was the main reason I bought this show after seeing him on Jay Leno a few months back, and he was definately one of the highlights of the night! The topic of this post, Git-R-Done (redneck slang for "Get her done"), is his catchphrase, and the man has some of the most hilarious redneck jokes you'll ever hear, as the man is the living defination of redneck! I was literally in stitches laughing my head off the whole show and I highly, HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for a good laugh. Git-R-Done!


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