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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Catching Up

Well, I guess it was about darn time I updated this thing. I'll start with my Singapore vacation way back in mid August:

8/17/2005 - Navigation Over the Causeway
Surprisingly, our Air Asia flight took off and arrived on time at Johor. Me and Trish than took a cab with my brother to the Causeway, which was the border to Singapore. My parents would be spending the night in Johor while we went up ahead since me and Trish would be staying with my bro.
By the time we got past customs and finally made it to my bro's apartment, it was already about 8pm. I was rather surprised at the state my bro's apartment was in as it was a total mess with action figures, magazines and other stuff all over the place. No offence, bro, but even my place in KL when I was staying there wasn't this bad. We rested for a while before heading out again for dinner at a near by mall and then looked around a bit after a round of Big Macs at McDonalds. The first thing I bought was this souvenier shooter glass that had all the weird fines you could get penalized for in Singapore. We then went back to my bro's place and cleaned it up a bit since me and Trish would be sleeping in the living room on the couch and an extra mattress my bro had. I think we finally managed to catch some shut eye around after midnight, but that was the worse night's sleep I had since the sofa was darn uncomfortable.

8/18/2005 - Encountering Sore Feet
We did alot of walking on this day as my brother showed us around some of the lesser known parts of Singapore as we searched for stuff we were looking for. Of course by the end of the day I had sore feet and both my legs were shot due to my lack of intestinal fortitude and exercise. Guess I didn't prepare as much as I thought the past few weeks leading up to the trip. But by the end of the day I did find a few interesting places to check back at later to get some stuff like CDs and DVDs. There was a CD shop having stock clearance sale where just about everything was going for SGD9.90! I picked up the GTA: Vice City Rock soundtrack as well as Static-X's Beneath, Between, Beyond CD. We had dinner with my parents that evening before heading back to my bro's place to rest up again for the next day as me and Trish would be going solo sightseeing. Again, I didn't have a good sleep that night, but it was better than the previous evening at least.

8/19/2005 - Great Voyage
So after a late start in the morning, me and Trish had lunch first at McDonalds before taking the long MRT ride to the port to catch a gondola to Sentosa Island. The train ride was long, but the queue at the gondola centre was just as long and it took awhile before we finally got our tickets to ride. The gondola ride was a bit freaky as you were up in the air with nothing but the suspension cables holding us up as it made it's way to Sentosa. We got a great view of the city as well as the Star Cruise ship below us. We get to Sentosa and the first thing we do is hit the restrooms to relieve ourselves. We then headed to the bus stop to line up to catch a bus to Underwater World. This was really the only attraction the two of us wanted to see here after hearing alot about it over the years.
So eventually a bus shows up and we pack in together with a whole lot of other tourists and we get to the Underwater World where we get our tickets to enter, and it also entitles us to watch the pink dolphin show later at the beach. As soon as we get to the entrance, the first thing we see is this huge sting rays in the pool outside. There were quite a few of them too. And we saw some huge sea turtles in the pool next too it. I'd only seen live sea turtles that big in person once when I was offshore and one just happened to pop out of the water to catch a breath of air. Here we could see them go all over the place as well as a few sleeping on the bottom.
We then entered the facility and the first thing that caught our eye in the lobby was the petting pool where you could touch small rays, star fish, puffer fish and nurse sharks. And moving in, we saw a lot of interesting fish from those prehistoric squids with the shells on their backs to the giant arapaima fish. There were even these cool artic fish called sea angels, and these thing really did look like small angels flying around as they flapped their "wings". Odd thing is they had devil horns on their heads. One nice surprise at the end of it was the baby dugong they had. I had never seen one in person before and this was a nice treat. It was also rather funny when this big fish decided to stop and rest in the patch of kelp/grass the dugong was feeding on. Fun time indeed and I got a lot of pictures of the place.
Before exiting the facility, we made a stop at the gift shop on the way out for Trish to get some souveniers for her family back home. My legs were starting to give out again, so I went out first and waited for her outside. Problem is, this school full of dumbass kids also picked this day to have a field trip, so they were all over the place yacking it up and showing that they really are dumbasses as they deliberately stood in front of the exit way oblivious to the fact they were blocking people's way.
So after Trish was done gift shopping, we caught the next bus to the dolphin lagoon to catch the pink dolphin show. It was nothing really special and bordered on being total crap actually. If you've seen one of these shows on TV, you've seen them all. And yes, the dolphins actually had a shade of pink to their skin colors.
When that was done, we had to catch two different busses back to the gondola centre to catch a ride back to the mainland, and when we got there we had to catch a train to meet up with my brother in town since we were going to meet my parents and have dinner with them to celebrate my dad's birthday on that day. I wasn't feeling all to well at that point, and had been feeling pretty bad health wise for most of the day actually. Maybe it was something in the air during the gondola ride?
Anyways, we had dinner at this chinese restaurant near the hotel my parents were staying at and the service was rather terrible. They even totally forgot one of the orders we made, which was fine with us since we had already eaten everything else and was less than satisfactory. I wasn't feeling all that much better either. So me, Trish and my bro caught the MRT back to his place and I got doped up on all kinds of drugs we had gotten from the pharmacy for my headache, cough and flu I developing. Another day, another bad night's sleep made worse by my condition. Thank God Trish came along and has knowledge on the proper types of medication I was taking. I love that woman and God bless her for putting up with me.

8/20/2005 - Navigation with AOPW
I still was feeling all that well that morning, and I was scheduled to meet up with some of the AOPW forumers that day. The previous night my bro chatted with them and told them I might be in no condition to go out that day so he invited them over to his place to visit instead. It was Rix and lm_jl who turned up and we ordered pizza while they brought a big takeaway from KFC. We talked alot about the current scene in wrestling, as well as lm_jl's and my bro's shared passion for collecting action figures and such. It was great meeting those guys, and it's good to know I have friends in Singapore now with the same shared interests as myself.
I was feeling better that afternoon, and after we said our good byes with Rix & lm_jl, we headed out again to do some last minute shopping. I picked up the Rammstein "Lichspielhaus" DVD and the Nirvana Nevermind Classic Albums DVD as well as the Nevermind CD. I've been wanting to get that one for a long time now. My bro also met up with a friend of his to pick up his Marvel Legends Series 2 action figures set he helped him to buy. Ironic that on the day I help my bro to bring some of his stuff back home to Miri, he goes and gets a big batch of them to replace whats being sent back.
We get back that evening and have dinner at a small Japanese restaurant at the mall near his place before heading back to his place to rest up a bit. We than lugged our stuff down to the taxi stand and me and Trish headed off to the Causeway as we were heading back to Johor where we would be spending the night since we had to catch our flight the next day there. My parents had already checked in there earlier that day and booked a room for us. When we got to the hotel and to our room, we just relaxed together for the rest of the evening as I still wasn't 100% yet, but save for waking up in the middle of the night with a terrible case of the shivers, it was the best night's sleep I had the whole trip. The hotel room was actually pretty crappy though, even if it was a budget hotel.

8/21/2005 - Departure
Me and Trish got up rather late cause God knows we needed a good rest after the past few days. We met my bro who had come over from S'pore to see us all off and we had breakfast with my mom. We then had about an hour left so we headed back to our room to rest up a bit more and repack our stuff as I had to accommodate some of the extra stuff my bro wanted us to bring back for him. We all met in the lobby later and got us a cab to the airport. Luckilly we only needed one. We said our goodbyes with my bro and headed off to the Johor airport. Being that it was Air Asia, we had to check in 2 hours early, so we really had time to kill at the airport, but at least the plane took off on schedule again and landed on time. We actually got arrived early. Trish's dad was there to pick her up and we went our seperate ways from there as me and my parents went our way home thus ending our Singapore vacation.

Our next vacation is slated for December where we'll either be going to Singapore again, or Kuala Lumpur. Hopefully, Trish can come along again as it was really fun spending extended amounts of time with someone you love and hold dear to you.


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