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Friday, September 09, 2005

Japanese version musta been better...

Me and Trish went to the movie Dark Water last night. This was based on the Japanese movie of the same name much like Ju-On and The Ring were translated to American versions. I've been told by friends who watched the original that it was really scary and creepy due to the atmoshere, I wouldn't doubt that since Japanese horror movies tend to be scary easilly (Just watch the original Ju-On). But this American version of Dark Water just didn't quite do it for me. And from the very beginning of the movie I more or less guessed everything out which turned out to be spot on. Save for the final ending bit which sorta caught me off guard. It was OK, but I've seen better quite frankly.

Jumping back in my memory a bit, on Sunday I accompanied Trish to a wedding dinner of one of her colleagues. I really didn't know the guy or anyone there other than Trish's co-workers, but what the heck, a free catered meal.


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