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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Full House

See what you can get done with the right inspiration and enough free time on your hands? I've got updates in every corner of the blog today, and it's only 3PM! First off, posted some puroresu news as NOAH have just announced the full card for next weekend's big show at the Budokan. The show will be a make or break event for current GHC champion Takeshi Rikioh who's had a very lackluster title reign up till now.
Next up, I've got another puroresu show review up. This time for Osaka Pro Wrestling's Osaka Holiday Paradise 4/29/2005 show. Fun show as the little indy from Osaka embark on a new era of the company.
Also posted finally is a new PS2 game review for Darkwatch, An FPS horror game set in the wild west and a short CD review of the new album by Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything. Check 'em out and enjoy.


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