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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Myth Buster

SO I had this big post all lined up the other day about the premiere episode of The Amazing Race: Family Edition, but as I'm about to post it my office gets a power surge and all the computers get restarted, so I lost the whole damn thing and was to lazy to re-write it. TO you guys who say (and you know you are as you read that first bit) that I should type out my posts on MS Word or some other program and save it as I type it, I say yeah, I know that! But I don't go to where you work and tell you when to flip the burgers over and take the fries out of the broiler, so don't don't tell me how to type up my blog. It was a good episode to kick off the season though.

Anyways, Thursday night me and Trish went to watch the new Jackie Chan movie, The Myth. Jackie Chan's great return to Chinese cinema, and they really gave it that big movie feel as they went all the way to India to film some of the scenes. The story of the movie was really good, with the trademark Jackie Chan fight and action sequences and an interesting cast of characters, including the really hot Indian babe Mallika Sherawat who supplied some good eye candy to the movie. The only problem I had with it was the pretty crappy ending which I thought was really anti-climatic.

Reading material: Posted my review of the DDT "Max Bump 2005" show. Read and enjoy.


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