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Monday, November 14, 2005

Trippin' on a hole in a paper heart

I had a good weekend. On Thursday, me and Trish went to watch the movie Chicken Little. Fun movie despite the really horrible deformed look of the characters who look like they were deliberately made to look ugly. On Friday, Trish and I spent a good evening together watching whatever was on TV, specifically the movie Snow Dogs on Star Movies and Angel on Star World. On Saturday Me and Trish got our hair cut together, and I watched one of, if not the BEST, puroresu shows of the year in NOAH 3rd Great Voyage 2005, and I had a good relaxing Sunday to myself at home.

So imagine what it was like when I switch on my PC this morning and the first thing I see is EDDIE GUERRERO: 1967 - 2005!!! I was in complete shock, and quickly went through all the news sites to confirm if it was true. The sad reality is yes, the flame of Latino Heat had been extinguished. Eddie Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room yesterday morning by his nephew Chavo "Kerwin White" Guerrero along with hotel security when he didn't answer his morning call.
It's just shocking that this year Japan loses Shinya Hashimoto, the US indy scene loses Chris Candido, and now WWE loses Eddie Guerrero. Like somekind of bizarre triangle has been completed. Times like this I always wonder why good people are taken when they still have so much more to give.
I'm gonna leave it at that cause I'm too depressed to think anymore.

Rest in Peace, Eddie.
We will all miss you.


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