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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Something to Celebrate

I'm in a really good mood right now cause I just found out that Akira Taue is the new NOAH Global Honored Crown champion, beating Takeshi Rikioh tonight in the main event of NOAH's big 3rd Great Voyage Budokan Hall show main event. Rikioh's title reign hasn't been stellar to say the least, but nobody (myself included eventhough I was cheering for him since the match was announced) thought Taue would be the man to win the title off Rikioh, especially since Rikioh had defeated company ace Mitsuharu Misawa just a couple of months back. I definately can't wait to check out this show either on DVD or download it on torrent if someone puts up the whole show.

Thursday was the first day of Hari Raya here in Malaysia. So for me I began a four day weekend. That evening me and Trish went for dinner at this new Tappenyaki stall at the Boulevard Food Court. Unfortunately despite the cheap price, it was pretty bad bento. I'd actually rather pay more for good food and for budget Jap food like that. You get what you pay for I guess. After dinner, we went to watch "A Sound Of Thunder" at the cineplex. The movie is basically about how in the future mankind has figured out how to travel back in time, and evolution gets screwed up when something goes wrong, so Earth is being bombarded by wave after wave of evolution changing to the way things are going to be because of that one small thing that was changed in the past, and it's up to a small group of scientists to go back and fix what was changed while battling against the bizzare beasts (velociraptor with baboon heads anyone?) that have come to enhibit the Earth due to the new evolutioary pattern. Good movie, but not all that great.

Friday I took my DVD player back to the place I got it from in Boulevard cause the thing konked out on me and can't read any of the discs I put in it. Funny thing is that when we tested it there, it suddenly works again! The guy said it might have to do with using original and pirated discs. So I brought it back with me again and hooked it up and it was working fine again. Go figure.
That evening, me and Trish came back and watched Dawn of the Dead on DVD. This movie took place before Land of the Dead which we saw last week, and if the two movies were connected, there were some big differences in the storylines. For one thing, the zombies in DOTD could run instead of the lumbering walking, and it was more of a disease since you could only become a zombie by being bitten by them, instead of it being if you die you change into them. Still, the one question never answered in either movie is how the zombies came to rise from the grave. Good to know there's a new movie in the series in the works, along with a game to go with it coming out next year, hopefully both of them will be good.

Today I spent the whole day at home playing Resident Evil 4 on PS2. I highly recommend this port of the GameCube game and I'd rate it as the best game I've played all year next to Shadow of the Colossus.


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