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Monday, October 31, 2005


My hands are sore, My body is racked in pain, and I'm exhausted. All in a days work I guess. I went to Brunei today with my HAGE boss and colleague to move out the old Brunei branch office into the new one. We spent the whole day dismantaling tables and stuff and sending them over and carrying them up a steep flight of steps. On the plus side, the new office is located just opposite a guitar/music shop. I don't drop by the Brunei branch all that often, but at least they'll be something to check out now.

That isn't the only reason I'm exhausted. Yesterday I spent the whole friggin' day at the office as well doing overtime work. It totally pissed me off and ruined my weekend as I was planning on catching the "Must Scream TV" Halloween special on TV. Add to that I went to sleep at 3AM the previous evening cause it was supposed to be my WEEKEND.

I spent the whole day at home on Saturday playing Soul Calibur 3. Good game, though I wasn't playing it all day cause it was fun, but because it was irritatingly hard! One thing I've always hated about 3D fighting games is the damn block button, add to that the cheapo AI of the game.

Friday night me and Trish watched the DVD Land of the Dead. Fun horror/action movie about the world the way it would be if the dead came back to life and lived among us, as well as living off us using humans as a food source. I liked the interesting twist about how the zombies were getting smarter, but still relied on us as a food source.

Thursday night me and Trish went to watch The Creep at the cineplex. A British horror movie about this freak living in the subway system killing people for no reason. I really liked the beginning part at the subway station as it really reminded me of the beginning level of Silent Hill 4: The Room. Of course the movie goes downhill when we finally see the Creep and he turns out to be somekind of deformed acrobatic retard.

Now I gotta go and get some much needed rest, cause I still gotta go to work again in the freakin' morning.


Blogger rebel_heart said...

bloghoppin (: just another random stranger. Good stuff mate. Keep on keeping on.

1:36 PM  

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